Established in 1992, Technology Desking specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of furniture products focused on managing technology in the workplace.

Our market sectors include trading floors, control rooms, general offices and other related environments. With a project portfolio that mirrors and supports the advances in technology that we have seen over the last 25 years and a product design that transcends these advances, we continue to lead our industry with a unique approach that is both project driven and solution led.



From our original UK offices, we have expanded internationally to include additional offices in both Asia and North America. Together with a number of committed alliance partners, we support our customers at a local level anywhere in the world.



To maintain our market lead, our in-house design team innovate and create solutions on a project-by-project basis. We may utilise our established product range or develop a more custom solution, dependent on the project requirements.



We work with a number of local manufacturers for our products, ensuring an uninterrupted supply line. We maximise our wealth of industry experience and expertise to drive each project to a committed timescale and budget.



Technology Desking constantly strives for continuous improvement in environmental performance. Our design team carefully select all components and materials specified within our product portfolio and work closely with our suppliers to ensure materials are sourced from managed and sustainable resources.

We work to a high professional standard, adopting a corporate code of ethics, thereby enhancing our environmental responsibilities.