One Frame. Multiple Applications.


Continuum Trading Desks utilise the same frame throughout, enabling us to configure your desk to suit your unique IT requirements. From full-trader to trader-lite, our in-house design team can work with you to create a solution tailored to the challenges faced in your workplace.

Height Adjustable Trader Desk Design Options


Sit To Stand. A Healthier Workplace.

As one of the earliest pioneers of height-adjustable desk furniture, Technology Desking have earned a reputation for building desks of superb functionality and exceptional quality.

Our custom Electric Height-Adjustable desks offer enhanced IT access, and we advocate their use for the impact they have on employee well-being. Recent studies have highlighted the benefits of alternating between standing and sitting working positions, offering users a number of ergonomic benefits.

Dealer Desk Ergonomic Height Adjustment Designs

Discreet Cabling. Technology Managed.


Continuum Trading Desk furniture has been designed with your cable management and IT requirements in mind. Desks can be supplied pre-cabled with monitor looms and power cables which are neatly managed to provide a clean and tidy aesthetic.

Dealer Desk Furniture Optimised For Cable Management

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