Unique Designs. Critical Environments.


Technology Desking create tailored solutions for your unique control room requirements. Whether it’s a slight tweak to our standard desking system or a completely custom solution, our core principles of ergonomic design and efficient technology management will always be met.

24/7 Command and Control Centre Desk for Industrial Control Room


Subtle Features. Clear Outcomes.

We have supplied command and control solutions to a wide range of industries, including transportation, broadcast, security, surveillance, energy, and many more. Our extensive experience allows us to offer expert guidance throughout your upcoming project, and identify the most essential features for your desks.

Ergonomic Security Desk Furniture in a Control Room including Technology Integration capability


24/7 Demands. Ergonomic Solutions.


Electric Height Adjustment or Mechanical Height Selection are supplied as standard, offering fast user access to any equipment housed underneath the desk. With recent studies highlighting the benefits of alternating between standing and sitting working positions, our Electric Height Adjustable furniture options also provide a number of ergonomic benefits.

Collaborative Height Adjustment Broadcast Room Desk

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